We are thrilled to announce today (April 16th, 2018) that ONDiGO will be joining forces with Gong.io. We have signed a definitive agreement under which Gong.io has acquired ONDiGO. To learn how this transaction affects our service and customers, read the full announcement here.

Your CRM on Autopilot

ONDiGO automatically syncs your team's activity with Salesforce, analyzing performance and alerting you about things that require your immediate attention.

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ONDiGO proved to be a great source to make data-driven decisions without defocusing our sales reps and consultants with extra steps or workarounds. For that, and many other reasons, we often suggest ONDiGO to our customers!

Nicklas Teicke

Founder, Empaua - Gold Salesforce partner based in Berlin, London, Madrid, Barcelona & Zurich

As the head of the sales operations team, I have witnessed first hand how ONDiGO has directly impacted both my own performance as well as my team's. My sales team has improved significantly by using ONDiGO to automate the historically mundane task of syncing email and calendars within our CRM.

Grant Fuellenbach

Sales Operations, Digabit

Integrating ONDiGO into our Salesforce was as seamless as it gets. Before we completed adding team members, the data was already flowing

Michael Lonsinger

Sales Operations Manager, Testlio

ONDiGO enables us to look into our sales teams’ activity like never before. They bring a left-brain approach to a terrain which was dominated by intuition and gut feeling. Now we can put KPIs and SLAs to every sales related interaction and draw a direct link between our team effort and results.

Ariel Navon

Director of Sales Operations and Marketing Programs, Payoneer

Automatic Data Entry

Save emails and meetings to your CRM. ONDiGO updates your CRM with relevant data from your email and calendar, automatically relating emails and meetings to any of your CRM records so you can track engagement history without wasting time updating.

New CRM Contacts & Leads

ONDiGO automatically creates new CRM contacts & leads based on your email & calendar activity, keeping your CRM up-to-date, without missing a beat.

Sales-Ops & Management Reports

Take a metric-driven approach to transfer your reps into top-performers. See what works and what doesn't in your pipeline, account-engagement, and lead management. Increase sales-productivity to impact your bottom line. Launch new strategies based on your team's real-life interaction patterns.

Customer Sentiment Alerts

Get notified whenever your prospects or customers show intent-to-buy, consider termination, or ready to sign a contract you’ve sent. See which competitors get mentioned the most on your team’s email communication, and who you are being compared to.

Anomaly Alerts

Get real-time alerts about your team’s opportunities at-risk, and get them back on track.

Call Logger

The ONDiGO Call-Logger mobile application captures relevant calls & text messages conducted on mobile devices, and automatically logs interactions to your CRM.

Slack Bot

ONDiGO Slack Bot lets you add leads & contacts to Salesforce, get briefed about people you meet minutes before meeting them, and pull BI reports straight from Slack!


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